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CEO Strategy Planner™

For Business Owners and Executives

Serious About Moving to the Next Level

Be Strategic and Focus on Reaching Your Goals.

Your Vision & Goals

Benefit #1

Keep your vision in front of you to reference. Never loose focus of where you are taking your business.

Benefit #2

Input your SMART goals.

Specific – Stretching


Achievable – Action Oriented

Realistic – Relevant

Time Oriented

Goals and Vision

Quarterly Review

Review your business and organization progress quarterly. Determine the adjustments you need to make and prepare for the next quarter. 

Qtr Page2.jpg

Provides a High Level View to Focus with Clarity

Weekly Plan Page2.jpg
Mountain and Affirmations2.jpg

Designed to Increase Performance and Results


The planner is crafted in a way that you can really use it. This business tool is spiral bond, physically durable to be handled and not just look good.

unique perspective

A unique aspect of this planner is that it provides a Christian perspective. Included are affirmations and scriptures to help you bring your vision to pass.

personal blueprint

This comprehensive tool is a proven approach to working on your business weekly to achieve next level success. Allows you to create a customize blueprint to transform your business idea into action.


This planner is a part of our Next Level CEO and EXECUTIVE development program. We teach you how to use each component of the strategy planner for maximum success.

This impactful planner provides a Christian perspective, affirmations, and scriptures to support the strategies and focus on building stronger organizations.

The CEO Strategy Planner Amethyst.png


CEO Strategy Planner Amethyst  cover with Gold Foil. For those who shine like jewels.


The CEO Strategy Planner cover Paint.png


CEO Strategy Planner Paint cover. For those who enjoy coloring outside the lines.


The CEO Strategy Planner Confetti.png


CEO Strategy Planner Confetti cover. For those who celebrate along the way.


All 4.png

Plan the Year

Get your two CEO Strategy Planners to prepare for the year. Select from all four covers.


The CEO Strategy Planner Purple.png


CEO Strategy Planner Royalty cover. For those who like to live boldly.


All 4.png


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This planner is not intended to replace your calendar system, but rather to supplement and align a leader's goals for all areas of the business or organization, an important step to improving success and desired business results.

The CEO Strategy Planner™, created by award-winning business leader LaSonya Berry, was designed specifically for business owners or CEOs who run organizations they are ready to take to the next level. It provides serious leaders with a high-level view to grow their businesses, away from focusing on the day-to-day working “in” the business.

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