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Critical Data

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Compliance Updates

  • The 1-9 Form is being updated this year, so check for new forms before using.

  • California - effective Jan. 1, 2023, minimum wage will be $15.50 per hour. Be sure to check your state's minimum wage requirements.

  • New York, California, Oregon and Illinois also expanded people that receive protected time off.

  • On January 6, 2023, the Federal Trade Commission proposed a new rule prohibiting non-compete agreements. A national ban is not set, but look for tighter restrictions in certain states. Washington has updated their noncompete agreement law.

  • Look for Pay Equity and Transparency laws for some states. California, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island and Washington have already added some.

  • Oregon has a new paid family medical leave law as of Jan 1, 2023. Oregon employers must withhold for this.

  • California and Arizona have updated their background checks laws.

  • Florida and Illinois created hairstyle discrimination laws.

  • Virginia created a Data Security Breach Notification law.​

Important Dates



"I will tell anybody. I don't care how small your team may be, get you an HR manager. Get McPherson|Berry."

A. Garner

"Thanks for providing me with a wonderful learning experience. You are an amazing facilitator. Your energy, enthusiasm, and material presented kept me interested."
"McPherson, Berry & Associates, Inc. demonstrated their commitment to our organization. They fully engaged their talents, efforts, and resources to meet our needs at the highest levels—to the extent that they never compromised in any of the benchmarks of a first class operation, those being quality, quantity, and timeliness."

Gwinnett County

C. S., Center for Disease Control

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