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7 Reasons to Use A Planner

1. It Takes the Pressure Off

Having a planner allows you to keep your thoughts on growth and solutions, not on things you need to do. You don’t forget key things that you need to do. A planner can help you track tasks, map out steps to achieve a goals, and draw your attention to things important.

2. Keeps You Focused

We will create goals or say what we want our future state for our life, family, and business but don’t put things in action. Having one place to document where you should be focusing will help you get there. A planner helps you fine tune on where you are going and minimize distractions. It helps you discipline yourself to make sure what you do is aligning to your goals.

3. Be More Productive

Unfortunately, we let non-productive or things of lesser priority control our time. A planner is a tool that will help you prioritize your efforts to things that will make a greater impact. At the same time, you can see where you need to make adjustments. You can see clearer how you can get more done; make time for what is important.

4. Reduce Waste

Time is money. Missing deadlines and due dates does have a direct effect on the budget. If you are a manager or business owner not meeting expectations will cost you. A good strategic planner will help you plan expenses and keep an eye on when to execute for maximum savings or minimize cost.

5. Personal Blueprint

People don’t realize it but a planner shows you how spent your days, months, and years. You can be reminded of what you have achieved and how far you have come. The right planner will also help you see where you can improve. You have recorded documentation of when things have occurred. You can even color code events to organize or group for quick reference. You can have a journal or blueprint to build upon.

6. Help you Manage

Managing can be placed right next to self-leadership in my opinion. The better you manage, the better you lead. A planner can help you manage projects, businesses, and any other important thing you are trying to achieve like write a book. You get the satisfaction of seeing things get completed.

7. Writing In

This last is my personal favorite. You get to put things in your own writing. It becomes personal. My planner is a living, breathing bundle of goodness to me. I have a place to bring my goodness into one tool that does not light up or need power. Instead it gives me the power to create, make decisions, bring order, and capture things that are important for me. I am doing the designing.

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