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Debunking Human Resource Myths

Have you ever wondered why it was so easy to stereotype against Human Resources (HR)?

Most people talk negatively about Human Resources because of their own personal

experiences, or maybe even someone else’s experience. However, that doesn’t mean that

everything regarding Human Resources is bad. Instead, the misconceptions are stories that many

people choose to believe, which is why we are going to address "Myths of HR" and

allow you to draw your own beliefs and conclusions.

Myth #1: Small businesses don’t necessarily need an HR department.

We’re not sure who created this fallacy, but it is indeed incorrect. While it is reasonable

to consider why small businesses may choose to opt out of having an HR department (i.e. not

in the budget), it isn’t really a smart choice. HR support is always something that will benefit a

company, and as your business continues to grow, you’re going to be grateful for the guidelines

and structure set in place by your HR Manager. There are also several regulations that

companies must abide by, no matter the size of your company, and it is crucial to ensure that

you are abiding by the laws correctly. Trust us, having a HR Manager for any size business will

always be your best and safest option.

Myth #2: HR doesn’t really listen to employee concerns

I’m sure we’ve heard this tale a million times. However, as mentioned before, this is more than

likely a myth created by an employee’s bad experience with their company and HR department.

While HR is a department that listens to company complaints, concerns, and issues, that isn’t

the sole reason they are a part of the company. HR departments must go through processes

and their own policies to handle employee concerns. Not every situation is easy, and it all

involves a process that isn’t black and white. Things take time, and sometimes may take longer

than we’d like, but that doesn’t mean that your problems won’t be acknowledged or solved.

Myth #3: HR is only in place to protect the companies and employers

This is an extremely common fiction about HR. HR is considered to be the middleman between employees and the company and isn’t a one-sided ordeal. HR isn’t hired just to meet the needs of the employers; they are hired to ensure the success of the entire company, especially since they all share the same common goal. HR has specific responsibilities that they must follow, and that doesn’t include them choosing who they want to protect and who they don’t want to protect. It’s important for us to understand that HR is universally on everyone’s side and works for the greater good of the company.

HR has a decent number of myths and misconceptions when it comes to how they operate in

companies and even small businesses. Let’s face it - when dealing with people on a day-to-day

basis, it’s easy to seem like the bad guy. HR is literally a human resource and handles many of

the problems you don’t always get to see. Therefore, it is important to address some of the

false notions held to help shape the minds of people who believe HR is against them. Who knows, maybe you’ll be an HR manager one day.

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