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Breaking Corporate Myths

Although most Americans are working in the corporate field, many people are beginning to reconsider working corporate jobs in exchange for being an entrepreneur. Even with college degrees, many people are using that as a fallback plan or a crutch because of the negative stigmas and myths beginning to be associated with corporate jobs (nine-to-fives) and the changes in workplace culture. Many people in this generation have their own ideals and are surprisingly unconventional when it comes to careers and definitions of success. However, are these ideals true or just another trending topic on social media?

Let’s start with the most common myth. Many people believe that for you to be successful in corporate, you must climb the corporate ladder. This creates an immense amount of pressure to succeed before you can even begin truly working and finding your footing. This also causes your subconscious to always think about ways you can improve and perform better rather than just enjoying the work that you do every day. What most people don’t know is that many people are happy and successful with the roles they have and have no plans on moving up the ladder. You can also receive many awards, recognition, and even promotions without having to take on a higher role.

Another myth that many people associate with corporate jobs is that it is easy to stay stagnant. Many people feel that because of stability and job security, they should remain at the job even if they aren’t happy or their needs aren’t being met. As a result, they feel that they won’t have any room or opportunities to grow in their career. This is a huge misconception. There are several opportunities for you to grow within your field and role, especially with hard work and patience. You can also use this time to focus on what you are doing within the corporate world to see if it fits you and what you like or dislike. Either way, you only stay stagnant if you allow yourself to. There are way too many opportunities for growth and success within the corporate world.

Employees also believe that when working in corporate you won’t be able to maintain a healthy work/life balance. This is a complete misunderstanding and is unbelievably common today. While the nine-to-five life can be physically and mentally demanding, if managed correctly you will always have time to take care of your well-being to do the things you typically do outside of work. If you use your breaks correctly, prioritize your health, communicate effectively, and plan efficiently you can easily maintain and create habits for a healthier work/life balance. Also, accepting that there is no perfect work/life balance will also contribute to a successful corporate experience.

Unfortunately, many people are truly beginning to frown upon corporate jobs and the workplace, especially younger generations. A lot of people are beginning to prefer to starting their own businesses without even doing proper research and giving it a try. It is easier to listen to myths and misconceptions, but it’s even worse realizing that the myths are just that- a myth! Everyone has the power to make their workplace experiences their own. There is no rule book to follow and ultimately you define your own success.

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