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Three Things Recruiters Are Looking For in 2023

As we are weeks into the new year, many people have set goals to land their dream jobs. Recruiters and hiring managers are beginning to look for more than just a list of qualifications and experiences that fit the job description. Most roles today are extremely competitive, and it is very important that you grab the recruiter’s attention to stand out within the pool of candidates applying. Continue reading for three things we believe that recruiters are looking for in 2023 that will help you leave an unforgettable impression.

Having a diverse resume/portfolio

While it is great to have the exact experience that hiring managers are looking for, many companies are looking for extensive experiences and skills all around. It is imperative to be a well-rounded candidate because it shows that you are well-versed and can bring a multitude of experience, skills, and attributes to the company. It also helps the hiring manager define who you are without judging you solely by your qualifications. If you have any certifications or accomplishments, or even any volunteer work or organizations, add this directly to your resume or portfolio. Remember, the goal is to be unforgettable, so the more the merrier.

Show that you’ve done your research

When communicating with a recruiter or hiring manager it is good for them to see that you’ve done your homework. Researching the company and thoroughly reviewing the website, company values, missions, and more, is a great way to show how interested you are far beyond just seeking a paycheck. You are more likely to be memorable by the questions you ask and how much you know about the company. Another great way to show your interest is by thoroughly reading the job description so you are prepared for any questions thrown your way. The last thing recruiters want to see is a candidate faking their interest by repeating basic information during their interview.

Take initiative on your own

If you reach out to a recruiter or hiring manager expressing your interest, you are already a few steps ahead of the game. Many people submit applications and wait to be contacted, but those who effectively communicate are more likely to have their application reviewed faster, while also leaving a lasting impression. Recruiters want the best candidates and taking this step proves to them that you are a candidate willing to take initiative and get things done. Once you have their attention, the rest is up to you to leave your mark.

All in all, there are many ways for every candidate applying for a job to stand out to recruiters. This year is a new year with several opportunities and chances for you to step outside of the box. Doing your research, having a diverse portfolio, and taking initiative are just a few great first steps. Once you implement these steps, you’ll be on your way to making great impressions across the board!

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